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About Us


The Arizona Scorpions Fast-pitch Softball Organization is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit established out of the need to provide dedicated athletes with an opportunity to develop their skills and play competitive softball with the sole intent of successfully securing scholarships to one of the many Colleges and Universities throughout the United States. We have adopted the “No Child Left Behind” Act as our motto. We will work with each dedicated athlete until the proper basic skills (mechanics) are understood and demonstrated.

We do what others won't

Give you the truth. Both the athletes and the parent.

We teach athletes how to be a world class softball athlete.

We develop each athlete and provide them and their parents access to the best college programs.

Our intent is to further the athletic and personal development of young girl athletes within the state of Arizona and beyond. Our program strives to develop young ladies with the confidence to compete at the highest levels.

We are dedicated to the progress of players as student athletes, and it is our goal to teach our players important life lessons through the game of softball. Arizona Scorpions softball athletes exemplify the highest commitment, discipline, perseverance, and hard work. We are located in Yuma, Arizona and we are offering a program that will develop a dedicated athlete so that they will advance to a competitive team and compete at the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U Travel Team and Showcase.